William Means And The Places They Love

“Reinventing the wheel” gets a bad rap.

But when the wheel is a real estate market full of cookie-cutter websites, reinventing it is all we know how to do.

Williams Means wanted to push the limits of what home shopping in a vibrant city like Charleston should entail. So we ditched universal listing page templates, tailored the site experience based on your location, and opened up a platform of content customization for the agents.

You’re greeted with a huge ambient video overlayed with a search bar to get you started. But if you visit from outside the Charleston area, you see the Discover Charleston tab instead. With this feature, the site automatically shifts its focus to become more educational, which serves as a better introduction to the area for those users.

Once you get into the home search, listings offered by William Means get a premium, customized treatment. They feature a huge, awesome hero image that welcomes you to the listing, followed by the stats and description. After an agent quote and the photo gallery, we offer custom callouts that hone in on the best aspects of the home. We love how much life these additional content pieces breathe into William Means listings.

William Means Premium Listing Charleston

Places We Love and Living In Charleston are sections that allow the team to display the characteristics of each geographical area and the agents’ expertise in each. Plus, they can show off custom lists of homes based on certain traits or features. These page designs break out of the typical linear approach, and offer staggered imagery and callouts that make the entire experience more engaging while maintaining a luxurious feel.

There are a hundred other features to mention, but writing about them won’t do them justice. Take a look at CharlestonRealEstate.com.