What I Did This Summer: Make Beer

Our pal Susan Pearlstine recently rallied a posse of Charleston ladies to make a woman-forward beer at Palmetto Brewery. The posse includes talented ladies from Polished Pig Media, Gil Shuler Graphic Design, GrowFood Carolina, Bohemian Bull, Palmetto Brewery and us here at Blue Ion. In addition to the obvious fun that is MAKING BEER, we were all also invited to bring our individual talents and thoughts to this tasty project. This week, I had the chance to help break down many peaches into a syrup-like liquid that would then be infused into the beer. We are so close to live beer! Thanks to GrowFood Carolina, there were peaches aplenty. Thanks to the fine gentlemen of Cannonborough Beverage Co., there was delicious basil soda for added flavor and fizz. And thanks to the fine folks at Palmetto Brewery, there will be a very delicious peach basil blonde ale called Carolina Uncommon. Stay tuned: it’s coming soon to a bar near you. And no, you don’t have to be a woman to drink it. Why? Because beer is for everyone (over 21, that is)! Take a peek behind the scenes. Thanks to Courtney Hinton at Polished Pig Media for the fantastic photos!

Tin and Clint working
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Courtney brews
Courtney’s got it in the bag.
Laverne & Shirley redux
Give us any chance we’ll take it…read us any rule we’ll break it…we’re gonna make our dreams come true…
Ellen stirs it up
Ellen stirs it up.
Uncommon Brewing
Bridget and Sara peer in.
Sara & Clint
Sara learns the ropes.
Uncommon Brew-35
Erin gets GRAINular.
Group blend
Slice, dice, breakdown, blend.
Carolina Uncommon beer
You must stir the peach goo.
Peaches courtesy of GrowFood Carolina
Carolina Uncommon
Have peaches, will blend.