The Way Out There / Episode 0: The Trailer

The Trailer

Welcome to The Way Out There, a new podcast series from the crew at Outpost and Blue Ion. As part of our push to reconnect people to the outdoors, and as podcast junkies ourselves, we wanted to launch a show that explored the essential relationship between people and the natural world. To meet and talk with individuals who are somehow working to strengthen that bond. Our plan is to interview outdoor leaders, teachers, guides and everyday individuals who have answered the call, and our hope is that by hearing their stories you’ll be inspired to go way out there yourself.

We plan to conduct most, if not all, of the interviews in person, versus over the phone or Skype or whatever. We believe that a face-to-face conversation is a more personal experience, it’s just more fun to meet in person, the sound quality should be better, and in the end it should make for a better experience for everyone involved. We’re going to shoot for two episodes a month at the start. If we get into a groove and you’re liking what you’re hearing, then we’ll look to up that to maybe four a month.

Episode 00 is a short intro and trailer, and we’ll launch Episode 01 in the week ahead. We’re also in the process of submitting the show to iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories so you can easily subscribe and find new episodes.

Many thanks to the team members who have played a big role in getting this going – Nic Lauretano for composing and performing the Way Out There song and editing all the audio files, Tyler Pate for designing the show graphics, Dave Olson and Kyle Mensing for help and guidance with the overall direction and set up, and Brian Dadin for his usual technical direction and wisdom. I’m pretty stoked about all the interesting people we want to interview, and you’ll hear other team members take the lead on the interviews as we roll along.

That’s it for the background and set up, and thanks for listening as we work to find our stride. We hope you enjoy the show and please drop us a line to let us know how we’re doing or suggest a topic and guest we should feature.