Your Creative Flow: Where to find it, and how to keep it

“Complete Freedom.” These are probably the best and worst words to hear as an artist, writer, creator.

In high school, my art teacher would taunt the class, saying one day we would kill for directions and strict parameters. I had this same teacher for AP Studio Art, and we threw out that book of parameters. What began as taunting, had turned into daunting. How do you force a creative flow?

Scott Barry Kaufman calls it a “mysterious state of oneness,” Allen Gannett calls it the “creative curve,” but how do you get there? And more importantly, how do you stay there?

Many have tried, and unsurprisingly, many have failed. But in doing so, these driven and curious busybodies have managed to find the fuel between the inception and fruition of your so-called “brainchild.” Check out these three creative pioneers and breaking down what it means to feed your imagination and stay on track:

  • Scott Barry Kaufman

Author and self-proclaimed creative scientist, Kaufman integrates his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology into publications and podcasts explaining how intelligence and behavior affect creative pursuits. Read his article, “The Creative ‘Flow:’ How to Enter that Mysterious State of Oneness” here.

  • Allen Gannett

Founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a digital marketing analytics platform, Gannett sets out to find out the science behind creativity and “achieving breakout commercial success in any field” in his new book The Creative Curve. Visit this site to read more about his book, and featured interviewees.

  • Chris Bailey

International bestselling author Chris Bailey is known for embarking on zany adventures in pursuit of finding the “zen of productivity.” In The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy, Bailey offers a front-row seat to his many experiments in the yearlong account of the trials and errors on the way to success. Find his book on Amazon here.


— Contributed by Melanie Wolfertz, Blue Ion Spring Intern for 2018

B.A., Communication, College of Charleston