The Life of a Naturalist with Chet Morse of The Bend

Today on The Way Out There we hang out with Chet Morse, Site Director for The Bend in Charleston, SC. The Bend is an innovative community redevelopment project owned by Charleston native Susan Pearlstine. Susan and Chet are working to revitalize The Bend’s 20 acres and surrounding neighborhood while forging a new path for how smart design and community redevelopment gets done.

We talk with Chet about his role and efforts at The Bend, the vision and dream driving the project, pursuing a career in the outdoors, and the personal experiences that shaped his interest and work in the natural world.

Chet was born in Kearns Canyon, Arizona, grew up exploring the outdoors with his family, became an avid outdoorsman and surfer, holds a masters in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from Clemson University, is a certified South Carolina Master Naturalist, and has worked as a wilderness guide, international tours coordinator, site development consultant, and naturalist and environmental educator for Charleston County Parks & Recreation.

We very much appreciate Chet for being the first The Way Out There guest, for putting up with our first episode challenges, and for being an inspiring and fun guy to hang out with.

Show Notes:

Guest – Chet Morse
Host – Robert Prioleau
Music / Audio Production – Nic Lauretano
Editing – Nic Lauretano
Design – Tyler Pate
Production – Brian Dadin, Dave Olson, Kyle Mensing