Everybody’s Got a Water Buffalo

There’s a member of our team that’s been with us since the early days but doesn’t get much press. Many people don’t even notice him since he hangs out in a nook off of our conference room. He literally hangs there, on a reinforced hook.

He’s Walter our water buffalo. I have to admit we took him for granted and he didn’t even get a name until recently. (Thanks Anthony) He’s been with us since the previous tenant left him in our office at King and Wentworth circa 2001.

Walter's Original Home
Walter’s Original Home

When we moved out he was carefully lowered from the wall with some complex rigging that would make a Sherpa proud. For the next few years he spent his days on a furniture dolly as we bounced around through some temporary offices. He’s now come to rest in his permanent home.

Water Buffalo are no joke

Well sometimes they are…