Charlottesville Road Trip

Today four of us set off on a road trip to Charlottesville….home of Monticello, UVA, and the White Spot….to catch up with a few clients and friends. We’ll meet with the team at Nest Realty, visit the ladies of Easton Events, see the site of soon-to-come Pippin Hill Winery, and tour Bundoran Farm and The Homestead Preserve. It should be a great summer road trip.

The wheels of choice for this epic journey? A sweet 2009 Toyota Sienna LE swagger wagon rental. Black with smoked windows. I say the LE stands for “Legendary Enforcers”…not “Loser Edition” or “Laughing Everywhere.” It’s certain to impress.

For entertainment we brought a DVD of the 2006 Rose Bowl game so the team can be inspired to greatness by Vince Young and the Longhorns’ triumph over the cheaters from Los Angeles.