Custom Flash Video Players


Check out some of our most recent custom Flash video players: HOOK (our favorite Papervision3D site), Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and Technekes.

While we have built many custom players in the past, these examples demonstrate some new features and technology.

1) Streaming Video Delivery: My favorite new feature. Video files are streamed from a Flash Media Server (using Amazon CloudFront), played on the client’s machine, and then discarded from memory in a play-as-you-go method. The video is never cached. This allows users to access / scrub any portion of the video in a “on demand” style (think YouTube). Costs for streaming video use to be astronomical. Not anymore. With a vast increase in competition, prices have dropped to dirt cheap levels.

2) Social Media and Sharing: We added this feature so that client videos could be shared on Facebook and Twitter. The perfect way to spread the word and share the joy.

3) Embeddable Flash Video Player: This impressive feature allows site visitors to embed client videos on their own sites or blogs. Again, think YouTube and Vimeo. This feature also helps drive traffic back to our client’s sites. A very nice bonus.

4) Full Screen Option: We give site visitors the option to view videos in full screen mode. Why not?

I encourage our blog audience to check out all of the examples. Each has unique video playback controls and playlist variations. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss these features in greater detail.