[ TC ] Inappros and Apropos Vol. 1

I’m sorry. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from Theodore’s Corner. Needless to say, I’ve been busy doing stuff, but still collecting tons of meta-data to share with my rabid followers.

Today, I present a subset of Theodore’s Corner, to which will be called “Inappros and Apropos.” A quick and dirty share of some good photos/images and SHORT commentary. I’ll have many installments over time, so keep eyes peeled for something not quite right.

Without further ado….

Afternoon Delight:
Ran across a couple frogs doing their thang right in broad daylight. GET A ROOM!
Frogs humping

Lure of the Siren’s:
Walking past a favorite Mexican restaurant during World Cup matches, I noticed this alluring sign to get people in. Hey, I certainly can’t do possessive pronouns in Spanish! So, kudos.
World Cup Showed Here

The Roof is on Fire:
Enjoying a beverage at my local dive, Recovery Room, a few of us witnessed this van hidden around the back street. Likely set on fire to clear any fingerprints left by the grand theft “auto-men”.
The Getaway

Star Trek XII – So Very Tired:
Simply this…don’t be this guy. End of story.
Shut it down now