Where’s the inspiration?

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the most enjoyable things in life is being able to do the things that you love. I’ve always been a part of the arts and enjoy creating something from nothing. It’s satisfying to see the progression in my work or to finish something that once seemed impossible. I’ve found that inspiration keeps my creative train rolling, and any and everything can inspire creativity. That’s the beauty, I think. Here are my Top 5 inspirational influencers.


5. Kaws

I’­m not going to lie, but I found out about Kaws from the Kanye West album 808 and heart breaks. But I enjoyed his style and brand identity. It was refreshing and simply…fun…from the colors to the interesting interpretations that he creates from pop culture characters.


{photo used from daily-art.com)


4. Jason Freeny

I love to see innovative spins on old things and what better subject than toys? I have always been a fan of vinyl toys and wouldn’t mind having one of Freeny’s collectables.


{photo used from moistproduction.com}


3. Marie Bergeron
I found out about this guy randomly looking through design work on Behanced and I have been following him ever since. He has done some amazing illustrations. His work is very relatable for me since he usually designs around movie characters/scenes. This beetlejuice poster is one of my favorites.

{photo used from mariebergeron.com)


2. Aaron Draplin

From the first time I heard this guy tell his tale I was forever a believer. I started to see design as more than the physical achievement and more of a chapter in an ongoing book. Being able to design has been a journey for me ,and that’s the true fulfillment. Draplin showed me that and continues to motivate me with all of the badass things he creates. You can check out some of his designs here.


{One of my Draplin prints with a ton of logos/marks that he has created over the years.}


1. Shepard Fairey

I was first introduced to Shephard’s Obey work growing up as a skateboarder, and the more I learned about the meaning behind it, the more I liked it. Alongside Shepard’s beautiful design and executions is the art reputation the Obey campaign has built. To me, that makes Shepard and his work forever inspiring. Take a look at some of his recent work here.


{I was lucky enough to meet Shepard this past May to have him sign my Supply & Demand book. It was very surreal to have met him.}