Wedding Speeches: Just One More Service We Offer

Here at Blue Ion, we’re always looking for ways to help clients tell their story and share the energy they’re made of. Over the past year or so, we (okay, me) had the honor of speaking at and officiating friends’ weddings. That those friends also happen to be clients made me think…new service offering? (I’m mostly kidding…or am I?)

The direction I received for my first wedding speech about a year ago was, shall we say, minimal? When I asked what they’d like me to speak out, the bride answered with a casual, “Oh, just do your Jenny thing.” At which point I broke out into a cold sweat, because, um, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

After my initial freak out, I gently asked the couple for a little more direction. They shared their wedding vows with me, which they’d done without knowing what the other had written. What was amazing was how similar their vows were, and how eloquently they conveyed their individual personalities. Their vows became the inspiration for the piece I wrote, and thankfully they both loved it.

At wedding #2, we upped the stakes, I spoke AND performed the ceremony. That meant securing wedding officiant certification, which can also be yours for the low, low price of $39 on the interwebs. (Really. Google it.) This time around, I received more direction. I had access to the readings that would take place before my part, and the bride and groom gave me this theme: marriage as friendship. While it was still a challenge, (it helped that I’ve known them both for years) after all, how do you sum up a lifetime commitment in three to five minutes, I managed to pull together a narrative that elicited tears (from the bride, groom, audience, and me), laughter, and (hopefully) reflection.

Full Disclosure: I also quoted Rumi. Can’t lose.

The truth is, it’s an incredible honor and thrill to do what I love to do for friends during one of the most important moments in their lives.

And who knows, maybe Blue Ion will add wedding speeches to our growing list of services…right after Bennett’s on-call wedding date/dance partner service.

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