Introducing WestEdge

Last month we launched a new brand and website for a large urban redevelopment district in downtown Charleston, now known as WestEdge. The project was a collaborative effort among friends and colleagues and there will be plenty more to share as the project rolls ahead.

WestEdge is a vision that is, at least, ten years in the making. And will take another ten to fully materialize. The City of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have been working on a plan, through their Horizon Project Foundation, to create a “live/earn/learn” medical and research district on the westside of the historic peninsula. To establish a hub for the region’s biotech/biomed industry, create jobs, and craft a new center for life and lifestyle on the westside of Charleston. That plan picked up steam two years ago when a master developer was selected (Gateway Development out of Atlanta…who led the amazing Georgia Tech Technology Square project in Midtown). We joined forces with the Foundation, Gateway Development and our buds Gil Shuler Graphic Design and Foster Associates Marketing Group to develop the new brand and marketing platform for the project.

After getting up to speed on the direction, we launched into brand planning and naming. Brand naming can be a challenging assignment, even more so when you’re naming a new section of a historic city. But that’s exciting. I mean, how many times do you get to help name a part of a city…much less one with the history and character of our beloved CHS? Long story short….WestEdge was the winning name as it captures both the geographic/descriptive nature of the project as well as its more conceptual vibe. From there we turned to the identity and Gil and team nailed it with an iconic represenation of the W and E. And while we developed the launch website and supporting materials, Dean and the WestEdge team connected with key stakeholders, the wider community and media channels to launch the new brand and its updated concepts.

We’re thrilled to be part of this enlightened urban redevelopment project, as it’s great for Charleston and a platform for all kinds of interesting developments to come. Stay tuned.