Tweenage Dora


This week marks another milestone in the “all grown up” series (credits to Rugrats, Doogie Howser and Strawberry Shortcake), as kids entertainment conglomerates Nickelodeon and Mattel just released sketches of the new tweenage Dora doll. Last month they pre-released her mysterious silhouette…and parents worldwide freaked. Mommy bloggers thought the silhouette looked like a Bratz interpretation of Linsday Lohan. The adventurous bowl-cut tomboy had turned tramp. Mattel has assured everyone that her top is a tunic and not a short dress, and they also claim that she’s not wearing makeup (judge for yourself).

Only time will tell if she’s accepted. And just in case she’s not, Nickelodeon is continuing the baby-faced Dora in the cartoon series.