Miami Vice – The Revelation

Miami Vice - Season Two

I have been catching up on Miami Vice in recent weeks. As a pre-teen I was infatuated with the series and never missed a show. Last night (nearly twenty-five years later) I had a revelation during a season two episode. It dawned on me that Miami Vice played an integral role in shaping my future. The influence of the show is unmistakable. The series is set in the warm, tropical climate of Miami where vice cops Crockett and Tubbs take down the bad guys. Exotic cars, exotic boats, exotic women and incredible scenery dominate the story lines – beautiful water, palm trees, beaches, etc.

It all makes sense now. As soon as I graduated from JMU in 1995 I unknowlingly sought out my own Miami Vice. I had an urge for warm weather, beaches, palm trees, girls and exotic cars. The urge brought me to Charleston – Miami without all of the vices. I also tinker with an old 1982 Porsche – one of the cars that can be found scattered throughout the series. Funny (and scary) how childhood shows can have such an impact on one’s future. Thanks Miami Vice!