Soundcast: Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

This Soundcast was recorded on May 16th in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in the far western corner of the North Carolina mountains. Established in 1936 to honor tree enthusiast, poet and soldier, Joyce Kilmer, the 3,800 acre forest is one of the nation’s few reserves of old growth hardwood forest. 400+ year old poplars, some up to 10 feet in diameter, tower over the forest. The remains of chestnut trees and stumps can still be seen on the forest floor, while iconic hemlock trees are in the midst of a struggle to survive the attack of the woolly adelgid.

This recording was taken during a hike along the upper loop where the oldest and biggest poplars are still growing. Birds, bugs and background streams create the soundtrack. If you’re stuck indoors doing the quarantine, maybe these sounds can take you a way for a moment. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Soundcasts. Or better yet, subscribe to The Way Out There podcast HERE.