Your Go-To Amazon Marketing Team

Blue Ion is a full service marketing agency, and we are excited to announce that now includes Amazon marketing services! Whether you just need help getting started, pushing your advertising campaigns to the next level, or something in-between, we can provide the insights and recommendations to improve your Amazon selling and ultimately, your profit. 

Hello World

Ready to wade into Amazon but not sure where to start? We can help you set up your account and get up and running, either by teaching you to do it or handing you a ready-to-go storefront.

How we help:
  • Setup and strategy planning to walkthrough the differences between FBA and FBM, review the brand registration process, and determine the best options for you
  • Create your account
  • Walk through adding products to the catalog, getting ASINs for each SKU, uploading, and optimizing product descriptions and details

A Second Set of Eyes

Already on Amazon but not sure you’re as optimized as you could be? We can audit your account and provide recommendations on the product detail pages, the catalog setup and categorization, and any advertising you have running. When it comes to implementation we can hand off the checklist to you, take care of it for you, or divide and conquer.

How we help:
  • Review product detail pages for content, images, and any features or functions you may be missing
  • Review the account backend for keywords, use cases, audiences, product information, categorization, and inventory
  • Review your advertising strategy and tactics to make sure it is properly aligned with and optimized for your goals

Get Found

Amazon is a giant search engine, is your account optimized for search? We can make that answer a “yes” on a project or on-going basis.

How we help:
  • Tighten up the backend implementation to ensure full and accurate use of all options and features
  • Implement imagery that sells
  • Help determine proper inventory levels and determine the right product mix for the platform
  • Get you set for Prime, if it’s a fit 

Advertising: The Next Frontier

Just like any other marketing strategy, there comes a point when you are ready to start advertising your product. Organic is important, but it isn’t always enough. If you need help competing with other sellers or want to grab a larger market share, Amazon Advertising is the option. And we can make sure you are using them efficiently and effectively.

How we help:
  • Develop an advertising strategy and build out the account structure
  • Act as your “in-house” advertising team and manage your account on an ongoing basis
  • Start using coupons to boost sales
  • Use promotions for increased awareness
  • Ride the lightning (deals)


Our Amazon team is eager to take your selling to the next level. So are you ready to win on Amazon? Let’s get started.