Juicer Social Media Aggregator

A common thread we’ve been seeing with clients is the desire to pull social channels into a central location, often within the friendly confines of their website. This makes sense for many reasons.

  1. Clients often tell different stories on different social channels. They may be sharing long form videos on YouTube, but these aren’t necessarily seeing the light of day on Twitter/FB/etc.
  2. Some clients have done a great job with one channel, perhaps posting regularly to Instagram, but neglecting some channels that aren’t as easy of a fit for their plans. For example, they may lack quality video content and so rarely post to Vine or YouTube.
  3. The customer doesn’t necessarily want to visit many social media channels to gain access to the various content or scope of the company’s social presence.
  4. The customer can view social media as testimonial or proof that a product is legitimate.

For these scenarios, we’ve been recommending and implementing Juicer: a social media aggregator. You have the ability to show any of the following social media channels in one, cleanly styled interface.

juicer social channels

Juicer is available at 3 price points.

  • Free, which includes their branding with 2 source accounts or hashtags, updating daily.
  • $19 per month for 5 source accounts or hashtags, no branding, and updating hourly.
  • Or, $99 per month for 15 source accounts or hashtags, no branding, updating every 10 minutes, on up to 3 different feeds.

Here’s an example of the Charleston CVB’s use of Juicer (or see it live here):

juicer all channels pic

It’s a compelling way to share a brand’s social channels in a clean, easy to filter interface. Want some? Get juiced!