In the Drink, With the Pink

Shortly after returning from my trip to the Bahamas last month, David at Folbot called me up with an unusual request – he asked if we could make one of the kayaks pink. Turns out, they were exploring offering a pink kayak model for sale online and donating part of the proceeds to breast cancer research/prevention.

We tried sending a few graphic samples back and forth, but just weren’t hitting the right color. A short trip out to the factory later (with BD and JP in tow for an impromptu factory tour) and we came back with a pink fabric swatch in-hand.

There were ultimately issues with securing enough fabric rolls to produce the pink kayaks (you can read the details here) but David, Tony, Phil, and crew managed to pull it off… and expanded the promotion to include ALL of the kayaks Folbot offers!

Do some good, head on over, and buy yourself a fancy pink kayak.