The Halsey Connection: Luxury Charleston Real Estate

Searching for a new home can be a fun and terrifying experience all at the same time. You enjoy the process of looking for that new place to call home, but is it the right choice? Will you fit into this new community? Will there be someone there to help make that transition as seamless as possible so that your life can continue uninterrupted? The answer to your questions is The Halsey Connection.

We recently launched a site for the Halsey’s, a family of three realtors focusing not only on high-end, luxurious Charleston real estate, but life after the sale. Jenny’s manifesto for the Halsey’s describes them best (and if you need more convincing, read one of many testimonials throughout the site):

“Our love of Charleston inspires our intimate knowledge of its most treasured neighborhoods, traditions, and culture – and the desire to share it with those who understand its magic. More than realtors or brokers, we’re the curators of Charleston’s homes and heart, the keepers of the legends and stories that make it utterly unique. For us, connecting you to Charleston has always been about more than helping you discover the perfect home in a beloved neighborhood, more than uniting you with the schools, churches and events that are part of something greater. It’s about the joy that comes from getting to know your hopes and dreams – and making them real.”

The Halsey’s came to us with a wish list of items. After a few brainstorming sessions, we had several goals that we wanted to accomplish with the build:

  • Simple & clean site that’s easy to navigate
  • High-end, luxury feel
  • While being high-end, we still wanted the site to be very personable and approachable
  • Ability to generate leads without requiring sign in to search the MLS
  • Highlight several high-end neighborhoods
  • Fully responsive design

The Halsey Connection Homepage

The site uses a fade-in & fade-out functionality across several elements on the site. You’ll notice on the homepage that when you begin to scroll, the headline copy on the hero image begins to fade-out and content below the fold begins to fade-in.

The Halsey Connection Universal Search

We wanted to make sure that a visitor could perform or refine a search no matter where they are at on the site, hence the sticky search bar that sits at the top of your browser when you begin to scroll.

The Halsey Connection Agent Card

You’ll find what we are calling Agent Cards, on Area Overview pages and Neighborhood pages. These Agent Cards highlight the best, most knowledgeable agent for that specific area.

The Halsey Connection Testimonial

These were easy to gather. So many clients were willing to send along their experiences with the Halsey team.

The Halsey Connection Sullivans

To highlight their knowledge of the area, we added in several Area and Neighborhood guide pages that highlight community features, photography and featured listings.

The Halsey Connection Favorites

As most real estate sites have, we added a Favorites tool so that searchers could save and share their favorite homes. We dropped in a nifty “quick-view” so that you can view your Favorites without navigating away from the page that you’re currently on.

So if you’re in the market for Charleston Real Estate, enjoy a “Log In Free” search at The Halsey Connection.