Charleston Distilling Co. | New Kid on the Block

From one cool office to another, Brent Stephens and his team at Charleston Distilling Co. have really outdone themselves (holy man cave, Batman!). All of the attention to detail and persistence has paid off – in a major way. Copper and reclaimed wood create a recurring aesthetic that is oh-so-pleasing. Luckily, Brent invited us to come visit all along the long road of construction giving us the privilege of seeing a distillery come to life in the heart of Upper King Street. Needless to say, we go way back.

We aren’t the only ones excited for their opening either. Receiving a serious influx of fan mail from local press and recently Fodor’s Travel, some may even place Charleston Distilling Co. in the top 5 Reasons to Go to Charleston, South Carolina Right Now.


Much like the building itself, the website began long before the space was built out. Logo and temporary website first and the fully responsive build-out. Fortunately for Brent’s blood pressure, only the website (and not the distillery) made a complete 180 shortly before launch to the version we have now. The change in direction was mostly due to our internal need to satisfy the craving to match the distillery’s impeccable aesthetic and infuse that energy into the web experience.


HENCEFORTH NOW YE SHALL NOTE , we have hand-drawn illustrations sprinkled down the page and dynamic element on nearly every stacked panel. Fancier and fancier. Funner and funner. That text overlay on the hero image – yea, that’s hand-drawn. That barrel in the sticky navigation bar – hand-drawn.


All those “spirit-ual” elements in the background of the Tasting Room panel – you guessed it, hand-drawn.


Brent and Steve loved the illustrations so much, they asked that we add a few to the Our Process panel. Done and done.


We launch a lot of big sites and we launch a lot of small sites. But it’s the brand that makes it interesting. And this one is a keeper. We can’t wait for Charleston Distilling Co. to take over the world unveil their full line of spirits.

Insider Info: Soon to come – an online reservation system for tastings and tours!