GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLL… Women’s Fifa World Cup, Copa America, the Gold Cup; My wife swears soccer is always on.

I, and many others at the office, really enjoy watching and playing soccer so we were really stoked when the team over at Lloyd’s Soccer asked us to help revamp their website.

Lloyd’s has been in the Mt. Pleasant / Charleston area since the late 90’s selling soccer gear to kids, adults, clubs, high schools, colleges, and pro teams. They’ve since expanded their operation with two new stores in Greenville and Atlanta.

We wanted to accomplish a few things with the new build:

  • Design a homepage that highlights new product releases, featured products and their team uniform service.
  • Better organization of the navigation, which we broke out by gender (and youth), replica, gear & referee
  • Better organization of products by setting configurable products based on size and color.
  • Better imagery for all products.
  • Easy to use filtering and sorting tools when viewing products. Several custom made color swatches so that you can find the exact color you’re looking for.
  • Inventory integration from all three locations – Mt. Pleasant, Greenville and Atlanta – so that products are constantly up-to-date on the site.
  • Off-Canvas shopping cart so that you can quickly view your products without leaving a page that you’re on.

Lloyd's Soccer Homepage

Lloyd's Soccer Navigation

Lloyd's Soccer Footwear

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Lloyd's Soccer Shopping Cart