Duvall Catering & Event Design 2.0

Do you like good food? Do you like beautifully designed décor? Do you like to party? So do we. That’s why we were stoked to work with the awesome crew at Duvall Catering and Event Design on their new website.

Duvall has been a staple in the Charleston catering & event industry for 30+ years. It’s no surprise, they do more than just catering and event design, they are problem solvers, “outside-the-box” thinkers and they get it done in an over-the-top way that blows expectations out of the water. It’s pretty easy designing a new site when you have a brand that is already awesome. They just needed a little help with bringing that awesomeness out “digitally”.

We wanted to accomplish a few key items with the build:

  • Updated look and feel – logo, type treatments, buttons, tabs, illustrations, colors/patterns
  • Make the site responsive so that it’s easy to navigate no matter what device you are using
  • Incorporate a ton of imagery
  • Make it easy for someone to contact Duvall regardless of where they are at on the site
  • Have an awesome launch party! (see… we both love to party)

Style Tile & Sketches
This exercise sets design expectations for the client. We wanted to give them a taste of the direction that we are heading in to make sure all still feels & looks Duvall.

Duvall Style Tile

Duvall Sketches

Responsive Design
The new standard for any site build. ~25% of Duvall’s traffic is from tablet & mobile devices. It was important to make sure that the site “catered” to and optimized for these individuals.

Duvall responsive Design

Tons of Imagery
Just about every page of the site has awesome imagery. The homepage utilizes a parallax effect for the first two images while the interior pages incorporate what I like to refer to as the curtain effect. We also added a Featured Event carousel to the Plan Your Event pages.


Being the Performance Marketing individual that I am, this was by far the most important piece to me. We needed to make sure it was super easy for someone to contact the Duvall team, regardless of where they were at on the site. And boom, we created the sticky Start Planning bar that sits at the bottom of your browser when on interior pages of the site. Once clicked, a nice pop-up is prompted.

Duvall Call-to-Action

Launch Party
We both like to party…

Duvall & Blue Ion Party