Charleston Golf Guide

This week we officially launched a new site for Charleston’s premiere golf portal – the Charleston Golf Guide. With some avid golfers in the office, our mouths watered at the opportunity to showcase the vast number of gorgeous golf courses in the Charleston area.

But simply showcasing courses wasn’t enough. We needed to create a site that would convince potential visitors to choose Charleston over other golf destinations. Our first goal was to facilitate the process of planning a trip. This was accomplished by including predefined golf packages at competitive rates – courses combined with lodging. Using the “golf bag” tool, visitors can add a package to their golf bag and book the package with a single click. It is easy and saves potential visitors a ton of time.

Our second goal was to highlight Charleston’s greatest assets – history, dining, beauty and recreation. No other golf destination can compete with Charleston in these areas. We combined crafty headlines and powerful imagery on the home page slider to drive this point home. Additionally, we included a “things to do” section so that potential visitors could learn more about all that Charleston has to offer.

So when you find some time, check it out and let us know what you think!