Showing off the HōM Menu

Now that HōM has been opened for a few weeks, we thought we should go ahead and show off the menus we designed for them. Our goal was to not only design a great looking menu, but one that could be updated on a regular basis. So we designed a 8.5″ x 14″ blank shell with just the logo/information at the top and “Burger Boutique and Ping Pong Lounge” ghosted in the middle. We then had those printed by our friends over at Knight Press and use those as our blanks, which we then take and print the actual menu. We had a great time designing this menu as well as the to-go menu which is hot off the press today, so make sure and stop by HōM and pick one up for your house or office as well as try one of their awesome burgers.

Download HōM Menu

Download HōM To-Go Menu