Blue Ion Blurbs – March Edition

We’ve now reached our 4th installment of the overheard at Blue Ion series. I think it’s safe to say it’s still going strong. Wasn’t too sure at the beginning of the month if March would really be up to par with our previous posts, but the team really pulled through at the end. Between spring finally arriving and digging into some cool new projects, energy was pretty high these last couple of weeks.

*Comments are kept anonymous to protect the identity of those at the office and to encourage these utterances to continue.

“I have a great beard oil. You want me to bring some in so you can try it?”

“I’m going to do a series of mandala designs.”
“You should do a Nelson Mandala.”

“I don’t take allergy meds. I live life on the edge.”

“Just found a chunk of candy in my hair. #Swag”

“What’s the difference between turning up and turning down?”

“I see your 502 gateway error and I raise you 504.”

“Idea: Donut roulette. 12 donuts, 10 filled with bavarian creme, 2 filled with mayo.”
“I like my odds.”