The Bottle Project

So, for the past month I’ve been having fun creating an illustrated series on bottles in my spare time. I know “bottles” sounds random and kind of strange but most of my inspiration came from the old N64 game The Legend of Zelda, where you collect multiple glass bottles to store random potions or objects. I always loved the fun and simplistic look of the graphics of the N64. And, as you can tell, I found the bottle the most interesting.

From that inspiration, I began creating multiple variations of simple and consistent bottle styles.  I also wanted to have some fun with creating my own design restraints to keep the whole series consistent yet still unique. The toughest part was coming up with the content of each bottle and not designing anything too different from the others. The first eight were pretty easy, but after that it became work. I’m up to 17 designs and there’s more to come. So, I now present to you a new illustrated series simply named: The Bottle Collection.

Bottles-1 Bottles-2 Bottles-3 Bottles-4 Bottles-5 Bottles-6 Bottles-7 Bottles-8 Bottles-9 Bottles-10 Bottles-11 Bottles-12 Bottles-13 Bottles-14 Bottles-15Bottles-16 bottle-4