The Bean Boozled Challenge

I was given a box of these Bean Boozled jelly beans this weekend from a friend. When I gave it a try, I managed to miss all the bad ones in 5 attempts, aside from toothpaste, which is obviously not bad. But I figured it’d be fun to bring back to the office and let everyone test their luck.

So the idea of these jelly beans are that in the box, you have multiple pairs of the same color… each pair has a good flavor and a bad one. And the bad ones are really bad (I wonder who at Jelly Belly had to taste test these while trying to get the flavors just right).

While this box (below) has 10 pairs, there seemingly is a ton of other Bean Boozled flavors out there. I can’t say I care to test them all. I’ve heard Booger and Barf are potentially the worst.

Anyways, for some simple fun in the office, here’s some video of the challengers.