Blue Ion Blurbs: Spring Equinox 2K18 Edition

It’s officially spring friends. Flowers are blooming all over town, our allergies are at peak-high but really it’s business as usual here in the office. Of course, business as usual means that one might overhear wonderful things here in our office. As an equal opportunity employer, Blue Ion is proud to employ chicken owners and hotdog aficionados alike and when you get these people in one room – magic happens (and some work along the way).

Below you’ll find some of our favorite recent interactions, painstakingly transcribed, curated and published just for you (yeah there’s process, we’re not just whilly nilly blogging up in here). As always, these overheard bits of conversation are provided to you with absolutely no context to protect the anonymity of those in the office (we don’t have an HR department) and because it’s 78% more fun that way.

“It’s not trash duty. It’s trash opportunity.”

“All big things start small – even whales.”

“Is his slack avatar Janet Reno?” “No… that’s Stephen King.”

“What does pdf stand for?”

“Stayed up late googling hotdogs. Just that kind of night.”

“Don’t bring a camera to a knife fight.”

“He’s hardcore. He’s got chickens.”

“I LOVE wayfinding.”

“Where will you be when the metamucil kicks in?”

“Yeah…I need to go put on a grown up shirt.”