Approve The Legare Bridge Bike & Pedestrian Lane

As you’ve likely heard, there is currently a raging debate in the Charleston community over the proposed Legare Bridge Bike & Pedestrian Lane to span the Ashley River. The bike and pedestrian lane would be created from one of four existing traffic lanes on the bridge, and some see the proposed conversion of one traffic lane to a bike and pedestrian lane as a positive step for the community, while others (including some key City Council members) see the opposite.

We’re in support of the proposed bike and pedestrian lane conversion for a variety of reasons. It will provide residents with desperately needed commuting options, it will promote and empower healthier lifestyles, it would demonstrate that Charleston is actually committed to creative transportation planning, and it would help boost the quality of life for all who live and work here.

In the larger context, this project isn’t even about a bike and pedestrian lane. It’s about equity. All people — whether they have the choice to drive a car or not — deserve to move about our city safely and with dignity. And while one specific lane isn’t a cure for all the congestion that ails us, approving this project would be a major step in the right direction (similar to the Ravenel Bridge bike/ped lane) and demonstrate that our city’s leaders are tuned into our transportation needs and successful steps other cities around the world have taken.

To show our support and assist Charleston Moves with their efforts to promote the bike and pedestrian lane, we were happy to help rally over 20 leading tech companies to sign an open letter calling for approval of the project. Here’s the letter and list, and let’s hope it helps encourage City Council to do the right thing on July 19th.

Legare Bridge Bike Lane Letter p1
Legare Bridge Bike Lane Letter p2
Legare Bridge Bike Lane Letter p3

For more on the Legare Bridge bike and pedestrian lane effort, see this page on the Charleston Moves website.