Friday GSAP Fun: Part Deux

This is the (highly anticipated) second installment of what I hope grows into a more consistent series: collaborating one-on-one with our designers to add some motion to their awesome creations. These independent, just-for-shits-n-giggles side projects lend themselves to a lot of creative exploration and learning. And even though I’ve just barely scratched the surface of the JavaScript animation world, the couple of hours a week I spend putzing around on CodePen have been instrumental in helping me understand the vast possibilities of making the interwebz an even more fun place to spend every waking moment of my day.
This is the Blue Ion pencil head guy getting that pesky pencil lodged in his noggin. The literal and figurative ‘creative pain,’ as imagined by T-Pate.

See the Pen Blue Ion Pencil Head by Ansley Jones (@ansleyjones) on CodePen.