A Way of Life in a Natural World


We recently launched a new brand and related materials for an inspiring company out of Manchester, UK. Natural Assets invests in a collection of companies, retreats and communities in some of the world’s most beautiful, unspoiled places — from stunning seasides and rugged highlands to verdant hills and untamed wilderness. What started with their popular Natural Retreats travel brand in the UK has now grown into a full service, wilderness experience company that owns and/or operates vacation and residential communities, adventure outfitters, food markets, herds of rare cattle, and more. The gravitational force that pulls it all together? A driving desire to help people reconnect with the outdoor world.


After working with their team on core direction, we developed the brand storyline, identity, collateral and website. More programs are underway and we look forward each and every exciting step ahead as they add to their portfolio.

Many thanks to all at Natural Assets and Natural Retreats for the inspired thinking, teamwork and fun.