A Tale of Two Signs

Enjoyed Brian Hicks’ column in the Post and Courier today, about two different signage efforts by North Charleston and Charleston. North Chuck is trying to get CSX (trains) to improve their railroad crossings, while South Chuck is trying to keep frat boys from littering up Morris Island. Which carries the bigger impact? North Chuck takes the prize.


Reminds me of the incredibly successful anti-litter campaign in Texas. For years Texas and others states went with a “please don’t litter” approach. To the bubbas tossing empty longnecks on the side of the road, that was a joke. With GSD&M’s guidance they launched “Don’t Mess With Texas” with Stevie Ray Vaughn (rip) to tap into Texas pride. It became a mantra for the entire state. It worked. North Chuck hasn’t gone that far to tap into emotion, but they’re far ahead on this particular effort.