We’re Hiring: Production Designer

Job Overview

We’re looking for a production designer and all-around creative thinker with a passion for great design to highlight our agency’s work, while contributing to a variety of creative team projects.

This is an entry-level to junior role, meaning you have 1-2 years experience, or promising project work in design school. Self-taught is fine too! You should have a track record of producing creative social media content, either for yourself, as a side hustle, or for school projects. 

This role is both internal (80% focus on highlighting Blue Ion’s design and marketing work) and external (20% focus on contributing to client work in support of senior creative team members.) We’ve got a fun and challenging environment, and you can expect lots of feedback and critiques to help boost your skills. 

Some things you’ll do in this role:

Creatively showcase Blue Ion’s work 

With the support of our team, you’ll work to creatively package up the agency’s work and share it across a variety of marketing channels (Instagram, Linkedin, our website, and others.) You should be comfortable getting a mix of creative projects (interactive, print, etc) in various formats and remixing them into compelling content (post, story, reel, or other format.)

Run point on creative content marketing

You are genuinely passionate about content of all kinds. Whether professionally or for fun, you’re a pro at some mix of developing, directing, and distributing everything from social, video, photos, and more. You can confidently articulate your vision, and you know how to get awesome things done within budget and on time. 

Creative collaboration

You’ll be a part of the creative team and work directly with our strategy, marketing, and programming departments. You’ll collaborate closely to bring both Blue Ion and client concepts to life. In your quest to produce something that inspires both thought and action, you are not only open to feedback, you welcome it. 

Learn on the job

From strategic concepts to creative execution, you’ll work with and learn from a team of accomplished industry leaders. Under their direction, you’ll have the opportunity to produce graphics, video, photography, animation, and print.

Production and project management

You should have a strong command of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere and be able to showcase your creative and design chops. You should be comfortable working and collaborating with teams. This is your chance to further refine your skills by developing strong, long-term internal and external relationships. 

What a top candidate will have:

Experience in the above list is required, but we’re also interested in the right person that fits our core values:

Takes The Initiative

For us, this means being willing to jump in and do the work that needs to be done to move a project, initiative, or process forward, regardless of your role. If you know clearly what the need or goal is, act on it. And know that alongside you are a bunch of folks ready and willing to do the same.

Creative Approaches

People come to us to solve problems creatively. That means we strive to meet challenges with curiosity, knowing it can and will inspire and drive solutions. We’re brave enough to embrace what’s different, to take a fresh look at our work, and always seek out new ways of tackling challenges—in our work and the world.

Stokes the Fire

As people who are passionate about what we do, we come at the world with a special kind of fire and drive. That fire and drive inspire us to do work that pushes boundaries and explores new territory. It inspires us to consistently sharpen our skills, to grow creatively, professionally, and personally, and go beyond where and what we think is possible.

Care for the Larger Cause

Behind every client and every project we encounter, there are people working hard to reach their goals, build their businesses, and provide for their families and communities. The work we have the opportunity to do often has the ability to help clients reach their goals, build businesses, increase awareness and understanding, create meaningful, enduring connections, and be part of a greater cause or higher order purpose. That’s what drives us.

Cultivates Understanding

We believe in respect for one another, our clients, our work, our community, and ourselves. We communicate honestly, directly, and clearly—always with a goal of mutual understanding and problem solving—even and especially when challenges arise. Not only does this help us grow as individuals and as a team, it’s a skill that helps us better convey our thoughts and strategies to clients, teammates, and others.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations. You have a greater attention span than 99% of all humans. Email your cover letter, resume and/or links and project samples to our creative director, [email protected].