[ TC ] Welcome to Theodore’s Corner!

Is something missing for you from the Blue Ion Blog?
Are you itching for something a little more edgy than Google Analytics posts from Chris?
Do you need something random each week to keep you thinking?
Have you ever been curious as to what’s going on in the personal lives of the BI team?
Would you like to have your head explode on a weekly basis?

Assuming the answers to all those questions are a resounding “NO”, I still force on readers of the Blue Ion Blog…

A weekly mechanism for potentially absurd posts from Theodore.

No subject is off limits. Guaranteed to amuse you… or at least make you scratch your head in disbelief and confusion. Potential for a high level of spelling/grammatical errors, or at least disjointed, runaway thoughts. However, the powers that be will likely want to censor my posts, which is why you need to RSS feed this blog and catch the unedited posts right as I drop the knowledge.

WAIT! You haven’t quite been sold on this yet? Trying to figure out why would Theodore have anything worth reading?
Well, need I remind you of this gem of a post from the past? Or a post like this one from the FULL Shave-O-Matic Beard Shaving contest?

Anyways, you’ll get ALMOST weekly updated posts… maybe every couple weeks…. who knows… or whenever I run out of the stamina to keep up.

So it begins… Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!