Wasted Hours

Amidst the fanfare of the latest iPhone 3G launch, I have to admit I’ve been caught up in the hype. App Store, faster network speeds, and new gadgetry all combine to make me do crazy things. Crazy things like waking up early to spend hours in front of AT&T stores in North Charleston on Saturday. I had a 50/50 shot of snagging one (only one location had them) – I rolled the dice… and came up short.

This, after I already swore I’d never do it again after my long night waiting for a Wii in 2006 (which I did manage to get). On the other hand, I got to see a beautiful N.Chuck sunrise and got caught up on some reading. About the only real prize I did come away with was a first-hand account from a future employee that the Charleston Apple Store will be open in early August. Wait… don’t they give out goody bags for the first 100 customers to an Apple Store opening? Another early morning wait? Oh no….