(Very) Delayed Gratification

Yes! Finally, success! I headed over to the grand opening of the King Street Apple Store this morning around 11:30. After previous failed attempts at other stores the past 2 weeks, I had fully prepared myself to be disappointed with both long lines and a total lack of iPhone inventory. Boy, was I wrong. Here are the quick notes:

  • Missed out on the free tshirt by about 20 minutes
  • Also missed out on the enormous lines earlier (one report had it going outside, down Liberty, and towards the college)
  • Apple shipped in staff from stores around the East Coast to handle the traffic today
  • Absolutely zero stock shortage (eat your heart out RP)

All told, it took me a little over an hour to navigate the line, and another 10 minutes once inside to get an iPhone… though I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon getting it all set up. Huzzah.