Totality 2017: Greenville Edition

That. Was. Awesome!


My hot takes not enough for you? Let’s revisit the moment where a bunch of people all stared at the sun simultaneously.

I’ve been excited about #Eclipse2017 since I first heard it was happening sometime last year. Like, put an entry in my iCal excited.

But I was starting to get burned out before the sun even disappeared due to all the hype build up. Oh how wrong I was!

And since everyone loves blurry iPhone photos, feast on this!

totality in Greenville sc
It begins! Really, I promise, if only you could have seen it IRL. It was happening.
yeah that eclipse Greenville
It approaches! Yeah, iPhones aren’t great at this.
Greenville sc 2017 eclipse
Totality is imminent! You know, because it’s smaller. Or I just didn’t zoom enough, I honestly don’t remember.
totality in Greenville sc eclipse 2017
Totality is upon us! A once in a lifetime event! Seriously, this part was amazing. This photo just makes it look like I held a black bean in front of the sun.

The land went dark. The streetlights came on. And the roads stilled. Rapt attention was paid by all. (ok, most? maybe a majority?)

the village of west Greenville during the 2017 eclipse
The scene around our Greenville office during totality. Dusk at 2:40 in the afternoon.

These photos not good enough for you? Thankfully my friends over at NASA had my poor phone photography skills covered.

Bad photos and snarky humor aside, that was incredible. Hopefully you got to experience a bit of #Eclipse2017 wherever you were!

Charleston CVB eclipse glasses
Thanks to our friends at Charleston CVB for keeping my eyebeans (and phone camera) safe.