Protecting Charleston’s Watershed with Andrew Wunderley from Charleston Waterkeeper

Andrew Wunderley is Charleston’s Waterkeeper and serves as the eyes, ears, and voice of our local waterways. He and the larger Waterkeeper team work to protect and restore the quality of local waterways for the community and generations to come.

You may have seen them doing water quality monitoring at various sites around Charleston’s harbor, rivers and creeks. Or leading beach and marsh clean ups and oyster bed re-nourishments. Or manning a booth and educating people at local events. Or speaking up on behalf of our water and community at local and state government meetings.

Waterkeeper is 100% dedicated to the pursuit of drinkable, fishable and swimmable water. An important and relevant mission given that most everything here in Charleston traces its origins back to the water. It’s the way we orient themselves and it’s woven into our everyday lives.

We sat down with Andrew at the Charleston Waterkeeper office to catch up, discuss the big water quality issues we’re facing right now, hear more about their programs and efforts…and unfortunately learn about something called the first flush.

Show Notes:

Guest – Andrew Wunderley

Host – Robert Prioleau

Music / Audio Production – Nic Lauretano

Editing – Nic Lauretano

Technical Consulting – Kyle Mensing

Location – Charleston Waterkeeper HQ, Charleston, SC