Stop Arguing on Twitter. Use Speeqe.

I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to highlight Speeqe – a “disposable” or “instant” chat room you can create and invite anyone to join for an impromtu discussion. We covered another (not as good) one a few weeks ago.

I finally have my cause célèbre: last night I saw an update from a friend of mine expressing exasperation at the fact he got in a long political argument on Twitter.

“Hmmmm,” I wondered. “How do you argue politics in 140 characters or less?”

It turns out it’s not much fun. Here’s a screen shot. All these messages are @replies to the same person, and they continue on to the next page!

Blurred to protect the innocent.
Blurred to protect the innocent.

Moral of the story?

Next time you start to get into a long discussion on Twitter, calmly invite your sparring partner or newly found mutual fan of Anton Maiden to Speeqe! You can even name your chat room antonmaiden.speeqe.com if you so desire.

Some highlights include:

  • Built on a collection of open source software and software tools (which means it’s free, XMPP and Jabber are the technologies for you techies)
  • Themable, with Inline images AND Inline youtube videos (SNAP)
  • Embeddable – you can embed it on your site for an instant multi-user chat capabilities. Check out Buddycloud for an example.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try or check out their blog.

It’s developed by the masterminds at StanzIQ, who are also behind some other open source project: Strophe, Punjab, and Palaver.

*Full disclaimer: we’ve worked with a couple of the developers and regularly attend Kickin’ Chicken Fridays with them. What is Kickin’ Chicken Friday, you ask? It’s what comes after Zaxperience Thursdays, of course.