Spork Enlargement


Found this last night while reading an article about the making of the new Transformers movie:

    The image of Bonecrusher®, a Buffalo® MPCV™, was something the art department pulled off the web. “It’s actually a funny story,” recounts Mann. “We found this image of a mine-sweeping vehicle that had a huge arm with what appeared to be a fork on the end. So we called the people who owned it, hoping there was a chance we could rent it or buy it, but when we got the data, it turned out the fork was only 14 inches wide — they had totally cheated the whole thing in Photoshop,” he laughs. “In their picture, it looks like the thing could lift a bus. We had to make an appliance to fit over the existing arm, that wouldn’t bounce around too much because it was about 10 feet wide, but those are the logistical challenges you face.”

This is the image of the vehicle he’s talking about, the Buffalo MPCV. I’d say it’s not so much Photoshop-trickery but image perspective… regardless, the Buffalo is still a beast.