Shaving Phase 2, Electric Booglaloo. Moving to Phase 3

The Civil War Era beard configuration was seemingly a hit. I can’t imagine that I was taken seriously in much of his interactions, whether with clients in meetings, co-workers, at restaurants, stores, or even with the ladies. However, some old folks down here in the South gave some props to relating well, considering some of their Fathers and Grandfathers probably had a similar fantastic beard style back when they were young.

A friend noted that there was not much difference between the Phase 1 Shave and THIS man: Ambrose Burnside. I beg to differ. I’ve got nothing on him! That is a style that I probably needed another 6 months of growth, plus some fine tuning on the curves. Maybe next year.

Also wanted to give a shout out to my friends at the American Mustache Institute, as they have recognized my endeavor with a short commentary. Stay strong, my brothas.

So now then, on to the Phase 2 shave and beginning of Phase 3. Thanks again to all submissions. I especially like the Telemarketer and The Denmark.

However, the winning shave for this week goes to: Bridle for this seemingly horse bridle I now wear on my face.

And here it is, in the flesh:

Hard to resist this campy, peek-a-boo shot of Lemmy from Motorhead. The Ace of Spades!

Alright… let’s get on to doing new shaves for Phase 3 on the Shave-O-Matic, and let’s see what’s next! Off to a wedding this weekend. I’m sure the guests will be happy to see my current stache.