Sailing Around The World with The Apparent Winds Crew

At the start of November, 2019, Zach Bjur and Tripp Brower set sail from Charleston harbor on the first leg of their 2-year around-the-world sailing adventure.

Their steed, a beautiful 40 foot, 1971 Hinckley, named J. Henry, will carry them to over 60 ports along the way. They plan to discover and document how cultures around the world are navigating the impacts of globalization and environmental change.

A few days before their departure we had a chance to sit down with Zach and Tripp in the cabin of J. Henry and discuss the upcoming journey, all the prep required, their goals for collecting and sharing research, and whether they thought they could get along for two years on a sailboat.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did…and if you do, please be sure to follow their journey at the links right below. As a follow up episode, we talked with filmmaker Grey Gowder who is producing and directing a documentary film, Sea Change, about their journey and the places and communities they explore. Look for that in the coming weeks.


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Website – Apparent Winds

Instagram – @apparentwinds


Show Corrections & Comments

  1. In the show intro, we mentioned that the Apparent Winds crew will visit over 35 ports during their two-year journey. That’s incorrect, as they are more likely to stop at over 60 ports.
  2. We’re going to continue working on the audio quality of this episode to see if we can boost the volume for Zach and Tripp and then upload a new version. When recording the interview we had a few issues with mic set up and recording settings.


Show Notes

Guest – Zach Bjur and Tripp Brower

Host – Robert Prioleau

Music / Audio Production – Nic Lauretano

Editing – Robert Prioleau

Location – Charleston Harbor Marina / on board the J. Henry