Blue Ion Blurbs: Summer Edition

We took the summer off from posting overheards. But while the weather is steamy as ever still, it looks like the kids are back to school – so we’re back to doing our blog homework and sharing the most interesting things heard in our office. As always, comments are kept anonymous and provided with 0 context- because it’s much more fun that way!

Do you rock the book bag look because you have so much baggage?

There should be an alarm that sounds when a man bun enters the office.

Tuesday is the new Thursday.

Donald Trump’s toupee is Horcrux number 3.

Do you think it’s scientifically possible to breed a rhinoceros with a whale?

If I were a doctor I would schedule all my appointments 2-3 months out and then just sit in my office and eat cheese puffs and dance to eighties music. And I would just use my white coat as a napkin.

I hope your marriage lasts longer than this coosie.

Young Stalin was a total babe.

Wizardry just happened at the CVS.

 I just don’t think most people find mayonnaise as hilarious as I do.