I’ve got a touch of Churrascaria


Hey. You! Like meat? Like lots of meats? Fancy a buffet-style meal where the buffet comes to you? My friend, I present you Rioz. If I said this place did excess to an extreme, I’d be severely understating the case. It’s a full-blown vegetarian nightmare. Imagine this – you flip a card on your table from red (hold it partner) to green (which means go) and in seconds a dozen Brazilians surround you with razor sharp knives and hunks of meat that could possibly have been carved off of a whale (or Bigfoot). It’s really no joke.

As part of the team-building process, the BI crew trekked up to Myrtle Beach this past spring for an Insight Trip™. The fruits (or meats) of our labor is the Rioz website, one of 6 restaurant concepts in the TBonz family. We set out to capture the atmosphere of each place on the sites… in this case with the judicious use of fire and cutlery.

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