Introducing Outpost

Many of us here at Blue Ion have a love for the outdoors. This love is fulfilled & strengthened through many different activities – hiking, cycling, camping, soccer, gardening, surfing, flying, running, fishing, hunting. So it was a no brainer to take all we’ve learned and continued to learn to use for a greater good: to celebrate the outdoors and inspire people to go way out there. Introducing Blue Ion Outpost.

We consider this a brand within a brand, a business within a business. A way for us to pursue something important and work in a broad area of interest that we love, with like minded brands.

There is so much research and focus on nature & outdoor deficit disorder – too much time inside, at a desk, in front of a computer or phone. Whole generations are now growing up without any connection to the outdoors. At Blue Ion, we’re working to be part of the solution rather than continuing to sit behind the computer screen and be part of the problem. This is our small way of trying to help.

So if you know a brand that encourages and helps people connect with the natural world, lets take a hike and chat about it. We’d love to hear about the stuff you’re working on, working through and working over — and see how we can help.

Let’s go way out there.