Garage Sale! Everything must go! Nobody Beats the Wiz!

We’re unloading a lot of our old office equipment and some other random stuff. Originally, we were going to sell this on an eCom site just for fun, but fulfilling individual sales seems WAY too much work. We’re selling all sorts of stuff from our offices over the years, and after we moved to our final home on King Street a few years ago, this older stuff was set aside to eventually sell/give away to a good home.

So, THIS Saturday, September 28th, from 9am to 12 noon, we’re having a garage sale/open house of sorts over at the Cigar Factory (our old home) at 701 East Bay Street.


There’s a lot of good stuff (and some junk) available, but can be very helpful for many people looking for great deals or even giveaways. We’ve got office furniture: chairs, desks, cabinets; a ping pong table, large bookcase, electronics: computers, lcd monitors, hard drives, projector; books, even some clothing, shoes and random other things!

You can take a look at a comprehensive list of items available on the store that was mostly complete (but prices aren’t necessarily accurate).


There’s more items not shown on the site. If there’s something you already know you want, email and we’ll set it aside: [email protected]