Charleston’s Male Version of Statue of Liberty Renderings Revealed As Mayor Riley

After hearing about the proposal for a male version of the statue of liberty in charleston harbor, Blue Ion filed multiple FOIA requests to release the proposed renderings to the public.

After being denied these requests, we used our experience hacking NSA servers to “borrow” the renderings from the planners responsible for the project.

As concerned citizens, we felt it was our duty to expose such a dramatic proposal for Charleston’s most visible skyline.

Below are the initial renderings, but with the statue on the Mount Pleasant side of the harbor. We’re guessing this was changed before the final presentation to the city.

Note the gold patina and the strange “hat” the statue is wearing. Also, upon closer review (image 2) the statue’s face bears a striking resemblance to Mayor Riley. Coincidence?

We’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Charleston Harbor Statue of Liberty Male Version

Charleston Harbor Statue of Liberty Closeup