Charleston Area CVB Launch

For the better part of 2009, we’ve been working on a pretty massive rework of the Charleston Area CVB site.

So massive in fact that it’s coming in phases.

This first phase included several key components that lay the foundation for future enhancements, which will discuss in later posts.

Here’s a quick recap of our overarching goals going into phase I:

1. Business Listings Database & Display Revamp

  • Modernize code architecture (original database was written early 2000s)
  • Revamp listings formatting and design to improve usability and better showcase listing sponsors and call to actions
  • Enhance listings functionality with mapping and search refinements

2. Navigation & Structure

  • Revamp navigation / architecture, addressing usability feedback from surveys and card sorting
  • Redevelop top third of site to use html navigation
  • Ensure SEO efforts were maintained and even improved

3. Create Revenue Opportunities

  • Create long term unique advertising opportunities and make it easy for CVB to manage said opportunities

We’ll dive into more details in later posts, but here are some screens and a sweet video at the end from Adam Boozer, who worked tirelessly on the three amazing videos featured on the home page and visitor portal section.