Blue Ion Daycare

When I was little, I used to accompany my dad on trips to the worksite. He was a carpenter and built houses – and exploring a recently framed house is pretty sweet when you’re a kid. Sometimes he would even shoot at us with his finish nail gun – a practice that might be frowned on today.

Now that I have children, but work in a less.. physical environment, I’ve been wondering what their memories of my work will be. When you’re building houses, it’s a little easier to say “hey – look at this door I just put in.” Somehow “hey look at this project I’m managing” doesn’t sound as fun. Fortunately, we have a pretty sweet office, and they kids usually have a blast when they come to visit. So, here’s a quick guide to Blue Ion daycare – ages 1-4.

Ages 0 – 1
Stare up at the ceiling. Not much for you to do. You won’t remember any of this anyway. Start crawling and smash your head into the desk (see video).

Ages 1-2
Crawl up the stairs to the mezzanine. Freak out your parents by almost walking off the stage. Try and get on Robert’s skateboard. Let the dogs lick you in the face. Eat some leftovers off the floor of the bar. Pretend to be an art director. Slobber on dad’s phone.

Ages 2-3
Let Uncle Rich help you discover the candy bowl. Have dad hold you uncomfortably over the shuffleboard table while you fling the pucks. Crawl on the pool table. Pull lights off of everyone’s desks. Scoot on Robert’s board.

Ages 3-4
Try and snag as much candy as possible. Fire paper airplanes onto the rest of the office trying to work. Push all the sand off the shuffleboard table. Whack the pool table surface with the cue sticks.