Blue Ion Blurbs : May Edition

May was a productive month in the office.  In between launching sites and kicking off campaigns, the team identified band names with awesome potential, reflected on simpler times, and provided astute remarks on the current political arena. Here are some of those highlights – with no context, of course.

*Comments are kept anonymous to protect the identity of those at the office and to encourage these utterances to continue.

Band Name: The Unidentified Sitters”

“Some days you put on makeup, brush your hair, wearing matching clothes and feel like you can conquer the world. Like you really do have your s*** together. Like the whole week is going to be amazing. That is, until you realize your underwear are on inside-out.”

“What did we have to do before the internet?” “We had to look up mayonnaise in the encyclopedia.”

“Is this a sitar cover of the ants go marching down?”

“The inner circle of Dante’s Inferno should have been 80 elementary school kids armed with recorders.”

“Nothin’ like a mom joke on a Friday.”

“You smell like my dad…when he’s been drinking.”

“Those emails aren’t going to staple themselves.”

“Speaking of skin dreams and basements…”

“We need to build a wall. Where’s Donald Trump when we need him?”